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Business sectors we can advise and help

At Dot Dot Consultancy we believe that private, social and public sector organisations should apply sound business principles without compromising their values.

Why you do what you do must be at the core of any successful organisation. Dot Dot Consultancy works with you to find the very essence of your organisation. We hold that at the heart of everything we do with you.

Looking at the bigger picture

Joined-up business thinking is second nature to us - hence our name Dot Dot Consultancy. We think of organisations as eco-systems - when all the elements work together it's a wonderful thing. When one element goes wrong, it can lead to serious problems. We like to stand back and look at the bigger picture of how things fit together before diving into the detail.

We are experts in spending short periods of time with all types of organisation, rapidly assessing opportunities or problems, and helping you to find affordable and practical ways forward.