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How our business consultancy works

We offer a free no-obligations discussion to assess the specific needs of your enterprise. As part of this discussion we will carry out a diagnostic check to determine the financial health of your company and any other issues that may be holding you back e.g. staff development, policies & procedures and so on.

Together we will work out

  • What your specific objectives for the future are
  • Whether you need any service from us (because you may not)
If you do need a service we will work out how to put a practical and affordable solution into place that will help you achieve your objectives. This can work in two ways:

On-going business and financial consultancy

This is an agreed number of days per month charged at an agreed rate per day. For example, this could be our ‘Flexible Finance Director’ service – where you get the benefits of an experienced former FD and senior manager, for a fraction of the costs of a full-time post

Specific one-off assignment

This can be used to prepare a strategic financial plan, or review internal controls and make changes to existing systems. Together we will agree the scope of the assignment, the deliverable and intended outcome. The length of assignment can range from a few days to several months. To help clients with budgeting and cash flow, we normally agree assignments on a fixed fee basis.

Contact us and we can work out together which service or combination of services you need.