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Financial management from a friendly expert

My name is Estelle Rowe and I am the Director of Dot Dot Consultancy. My mission is to help businesses, charities and social enterprises to survive and thrive in challenging circumstances. I deliver high impact business and finance advice, training, facilitation and non-executive director services and I can act as a part time Financial Director.

Practical business help

Does your organisation have a strong sense of direction and the right capacity and skills to face the future? Does it have good income streams?

If the answer is 'no' to either of the above, you may need my help. I provide practical services such as:

  • Preparing you for the future with new strategies and plans
  • Helping you to diagnose and solve financial problems
  • Building new business or trading operations
  • Increasing your strike rate with tenders and bids
  • Building a commercially astute team of people

Putting business and charity finances in order

I put a strong emphasis on getting your finances in order, because you won't achieve your business or charitable objectives without getting that right. I will also help you to stand back and look at the wider aspects of your business - your purpose, your people and your processes. By doing this, we will be able to join up the dots and develop a clear route-map to a strong and sustainable enterprise.

I am a qualified accountant, a business mentor, a non-executive director and a charity trustee. I am a skilled leader, communicator and facilitator. I will be your critical friend, your business coach and I hope to become part of your business family.